Company Information

About Us

We are a small business located in Morgantown, West Virginia.  We carry a large selection of adult items to suit every need.  Our inventory is updated frequently, and we are committed to bringing you quality products at affordable prices.  Dahlia’s Adult Romantic Boutique has a mission of modernizing the adult industry and bringing it to the 21st Century.

Dahlia’s Adult Romantic Boutique launched its website,, in late 2018.  Customers may now purchase items directly online and have them shipped directly to their front door.  Products that are found online will not always be found in-store and the prices seen will differ.  Customers that purchase from our online store will see the price before tax, shipping, and other charges are applied.  Thus, products from our online store will reflect the same price at checkout as compared to when purchased in-store.

Our staff is committed to improving our physical store and website every day of the week.  New products will continuously be added online, as we showcase the best and highest quality in-store.

As of April 2019, our company has begun a partnership with USA Arcades, a prominent Adult Arcade company, to modernize our arcade booths with modern streaming, live-cams, and voyeur booths.  Memberships for our arcade are required*.  Day passes are available as well*.

Store Address Location:

                        Dahlia’s Adult Romantic Boutique

                                             275 Spruce St.

                                             Morgantown, West Virginia. 26505

                                             Store Phone Number: (304)-284-9800

                                             Online Store Number: (240)-803-1845

                                             Customer Support:

*Memberships and Day passes fund our arcade operation, allowing our company to continuously upgrade our machines, purchase new equipment, keep a clean environment, and provide security for both our employees and customers.  Security will be called if caught violating one of our company’s arcade & security policies.  An $80 fee will be charged to the customer upon security being called.  Please respect our company’s policies, employees, and fellow customers.